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Wiring harness failure cause

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  Common faults in automotive circuits are: poor contact of connectors, short circuits between wires, open circuits, grounding, etc. The causes are as follows: 1) Natural damage to the wire harness exceeds the service life, aging the wire, rupturing the insulation layer, and significantly reducing the mechanical strength, causing short circuits, disconnections, grounding, etc. between the wires, causing the wire harness to burn out . Wiring harness terminals are oxidized and deformed, resulting in poor contact, which can cause electrical equipment to malfunction. 2) Damage to the wiring harness due to the failure of the electrical equipment When the electrical equipment is overloaded, shorted, grounded, etc., it may cause damage to the wiring harness. 3) When artificially assembling or overhauling automobile parts, metal objects crush the wire harness and rupture the insulation layer of the wire harness; the position of the wire harness is improper; the lead position of the electrical equipment is incorrectly connected; the positive and negative lead of the battery are reversed; the maintenance circuit In the event of a fault, random connection, random cutting of the wiring harness, etc. can cause electrical equipment to malfunction and even burn out the wiring harness. [1]