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Social Responsibilities

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Social Responsibilities

While continuously expanding our production scale, Changchun Zhenyu is committed to improving the modern enterprise system and establishing a sophisticated management structure. Our main purpose is improving employees benefit while developing ourselves. We would like to be a people-oriented company that always puts safety at our first priority.  We will actively respond to the call of the party and the government, and perform our social roles well.

Faithful to employees, loyal to customers, and loyal to the society!

Employee Benefits

a.The company will pay the Insurance and Housing Fund for all employees. Additionally, we provide personal accident insurance and travel insurance.

b.Annual bonus.

c.Free shuttle bus during the day and night.

d.Free gifts for National holidays.

e.Female employees have special git on the International Working Women Day.

f.Excellent employees will get extra bonuses and shopping cards.

g.We offer some help to families in need.

h.Offer skill training and competitions regularly.

i.Organize sports activities, and team building tours, etc.

Fire and Production Safety

We adhere to the principle of "people-oriented and safety first". Therefore, we schedule the safety training such as safety skills, self-help methods and fire prevention methods to improve staff’s safety awareness. We also equip alarm devices and fire-fighting devices at employees’ family for free. We believe this will help our employees work better at company without worrying fir safety at their home.

Our employees also strictly obey the “fixed-point and fixed-time smoking” rule.

Community and Social Contribution

Based on the entrepreneurial environment and resources of Changchun High-tech District in Jilin Province, Changchun Zhenyu (TSY) has made continuous progress and achieved satisfactory results. Our growth is based on the community and we should feed back to the community.

Since 2016, Changchun Zhenyu (TSY) has participated in many activities organized by the community, such as greeting elder people, donating money for the disabled, and supporting the army. In three consecutive years, we have been awarded pennant by the Fuqiang Community of Silicon Valley Street to commend our contribution to the community.

We actively play our social roles:

In 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake touched the heart of Chinese people. Our manage officers not only donated to the Wenchuan earthquake, but also called on all employees to donate. We organized the whole company in mourning of the lost in Wenchuan earthquake.

In 2015, TSY was invited to participate in a industry conference held by China Automotive Parts Electronic and Electrical Development Center, and gave a presentation on "Automotive wiring harness testing principle and testing methods, equipment manufacturing". In that presentation, we shared our technical experience, over 20 years, in order to improve the technical level of the entire industry. Hundreds of industry colleague participated this presentation. We won the "Special Contribution Award" from the Center.

We also actively involves in charity activities. For example, we donated to primary schools in Jiangxi Province. In this case, more children, who cannot afford the school cost, have the opportunity to be educated. We hope our help can change the future of them and their families. Therefore, they may give back to the society when they grow up.

We will keep participating in community service and charity activities, so that more people could feel the warmth of the socialist community!