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Safety Inspections & Maintenance

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Safety Inspections & Maintenance

Customers will receive the tracking number at the first time after shipping. We will also arrange the professional technician to give on- site service according to the arrival date.

The on-site staff are professional technicians or technical experts. They are not only capable of installation in a short time, but are also very knowledgeable of product performance and operation methods. As such, they provide training for customers.

Our on-site staff arrives to the customers location generally before or at the same time with the products. After arriving, they will get familiar with the assembly conditions to make sure the products can be unloaded and subsequently installed in the first visit.

After installation, our on-site staff stands by and waits for the client-side manager to approve the installation. Our staff will not leave the site if he/she does not receive a confirmation call from client.

Changchun Zhenyu (TSY) guarantees one year of maintenance for all products sold. Customers, who continue to make orders from our company, will have permanent free maintenance rights.

During the warranty period, we will respond to issues within 10 minutes if any product purchased from us has problems. We will also arrange professional technicians or technical experts, according to reflected problems, to repair machines on site.

For Chinese domestic customers, the technicians will be on site within 24 hours, and offer inspection and maintenance.

Changchun ZhenyuTSYpromises that on-site repair team will find the problem and solve it within 24 hours.

The technicians will stand by and wait for the client-side manager to confirm completion. Our technicians will not leave the site if our officer does not receive a confirmation call from client.