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Technical Information

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Technical Information

Combining both advantages and weakness of previous products, we determine the framework of new products by collecting market information, gathering customer input and exploring potentialities. The production plan is settled through comprehensive research on the conceptual design, target market, expected performance level and investment needed of the new product. We always develop and design our products as adhering to our core principles, which are integrated, economical, efficient and reliable.

We use advanced production technology to improve management methods and optimize product inspection procedures. Therefore, we can ensure product quality and avoid potential risks.

In the future, we will increase investment in equipment and technology, while continuing to improve bad processes and technologies. Simultaneously, we plan to give employees technical training.

Technology is at the core of Changchun Zhenyu (TSY). We make precise and specialized products by utilizing professional technologies. These technologies allow customers to become stronger, superior, and a long-term trusted partner.