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Development of Test Table

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Development of Test Table

Through market research and exploring customer needs, Changchun Zhenyu (TSY) develops and produces equipment for the automotive wiring harness manufacturing and testing industry. In the field of advanced manufacturing and automation, we have obtained more than 30 patents and developed many products. Our main products include:

ØWiring harness test tables

ØHigh voltage wiring harness test tables

ØVision test tables

ØRelay test tables

ØTest tables for water pipe leakages

ØRubber seal plug test tables

ØWiring harness assembly conveyor lines

ØTwisting wire machines

ØPneumatic staving presses

ØTerminal cross-section analyzers

ØHeat-shrink tube machines


From 1998 to 2018, Changchun Zhenyu(TSY), accompanied by our customers and suppliers, welcomed its 20th anniversary, beginning a new era of continuous improvement and hard work. In the future, we will continue to follow the market direction, promote technological innovation, and develop new projects through technological integration. With the industry opportunities brought by Made in China 2025, Changchun Zhenyu(TSY)will keep working hard to embrace a more brilliant future.