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System Certification

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System Certification

Yazaki Certification

As the benchmark of the automotive wiring harness industry, Yazaki certification is not only an endorsement of technical quality, but also an endorsement of industry standing. Changchun Zhenyu (TSY) obtained the certificate issued by YAZAKI(CHINA) INVESTMENT CORPORATION in 2011 (Registration No.: CFM-006). It is our great honor to hold Yazaki Certification.


CSIG Machine Vision Union Membership

In April 2015, Changchun Zhenyu (TSY) became a member of the CSIG Machine Vision Union (Certificate No. 20150504092). The CSIG Machine Vision Union is a national union of companies specializing in machine vision component and system manufacturing. Becoming a member of this union is the recognition of our technology in machine vision.


Quality Management System Certification

Changchun Zhenyu (TSY) obtained GB/T9001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality system certification (certificate number: ZTZL28017Q30142R0M) in 2017, which is the third time we have passed this certification.


Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate

We have more than 30 computer software copyrights and utility model patents, including but not limited to: a wiring harness test table system software, a wiring harness test table drawing programming software, a horizontal moving wiring harness assembly conveyor line system, a control system of the twisting wire machine, a terminal cross-section analyzer system, a rubber seal plug of wiring harness test table with negative pressure monitoring system, and more.