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High-voltage Assembly Conveyor Line

High-voltage assembly conveyor line was innovated for new energy vehicles in order to follow the main trend in automotive industry.

Low Table Type Assembly Conveyor Line

The conveyor line board body moves on the platform and the board can be used for flipping. L×W×H=24000 (Basic size) ×2000 ×2030 (Add display to 2400).

Quickly Return Type Assembly Conveyor Line

Uniform motion is achieved on the front working track and fast return in the rear working track.

Rotation Type Assembly Conveyor Line

Rotation type line rotating around the central axis, generally 4 to 6 drawing boards. D×H:Φ3500 (Basic size) ×2500.

Flat-type Assembly Conveyor Line

Flat-type assembly conveyor line has two models, one is YB-1PPX, known as flat-type, the other is YB-PPXMA, known as saddle-type.

Hanging-type Line Assembly Conveyor Line

Hanging-type line’s body is hung on the track and the board can be used. L×W×H=15050(basic size)×1340 ×2400 (Add display to 2400).

Landing-type Assembly Conveyor Line

Landing-type lines are divided into double plates landing-type lines and three plates landing-type lines. The car body moves on the ground (or laying iron plates on the ground). L*W*H = 24000 (basic size) *2000*2030 (Add display to 2400).

Wiring Fixture

Wiring harness component process tooling

Pneumatic Staving Press

YB-3A pneumatic reaming machine is a special piece of equipment, specifically used for rubber ring expansion in the assembly of wire harnesses.