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Wiring Fixture

Wiring harness component process tooling

Pneumatic Staving Press

YB-3A pneumatic reaming machine is a special piece of equipment, specifically used for rubber ring expansion in the assembly of wire harnesses.

Terminal Section Analyzer

The terminal section analyzer is an accurate and practical inspection device for analyzing the cross-section state of a terminal after crimping. It consists of cutting, grinding, etching (electrolysis), development, blow-drying, computer-aided measurement and analysis systems, and benches. It’s controlled by a PLC that can automatically finish cutting, grinding, polishing, and performing other development work on the terminal samples.

High-voltage Test Table

TSYB-GY6000A High-voltage Test Table is innovated for new energy vehicles. Functions include Hi-pot test, insulation test, micro-resistance test and seal test. High-voltage test table is safe and fulfill the requirements of industry.

Low-voltage Test Table

The TSYB-400B2 test table is an accurate and practical test device for checking the on and off state of a wire harness. It consists of an auxiliary system such as a detector (conductor), a gantry, a conduction module, a printer, and a scanner.

Vision Test with Torque Control

TSYB-600BNLJ is combined by TSYB-600B vision test table and TSYB-NLJ. TSYB -600B is used for detecting fuses and relays, recognizing color/character, displaying the correctness of the fuse chip insertion. TSYB-NLJ is used to adjust the torsion force when installing the fuse compression turn buckle.

Error Proof Assembly Test Table

The operations of the wire harness induction error-proof assembly test station are based on the guidance of the indicator light, which states where to take the material, insert it into which position, and at the same time checks whether the insertion is correct. Insert the correct one to prompt the next operation until the operation is completed.

Clip Test Table

TSYB - 400D Clip Test Table is designed for the structure of automotive wiring harness CLIP, using modern computer technology and database technology to adapt to the flexible design of automotive wiring harnesses and specially developed detection equipment (customized to be called KSK function).