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Current status and main development direction of automotive wiring harness technology

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  Since the 1980s, the automotive industry has made great strides, driven by electronic technology (especially computers and integrated circuit technology). The use of electronic technology is the best solution to solve many of the technical problems faced by automobiles. Therefore, the level of a country's electronic products and its application in the automotive industry determines whether it can take the initiative in the future world automotive industry competition. Automobile wiring harnesses have also developed and progressed along with the development and advancement of automotive electronic technology. [2]

  The development of China's car industry is basically based on the introduction. The introduction of the model determines that the wire harness production can only be imitation or equivalent development. Therefore, the technical development of the automobile wire harness has always lagged behind the development of the whole vehicle. With the familyization of cars, the configuration of cars is becoming more diverse, complicated and non-standardized. A situation in which tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of wire harnesses will be broken will be broken. The use of non-metallic conductive materials and integrated modular production will be the primary research topic of the wire harness factory in recent years. At the same time, with the advent of high-performance crimping machines with dynamic detection, the emergence of new technology and new equipment, as well as frequent vehicle engineering changes and shortened lead times, some traditional, workshop-style, hand-operated wiring harnesses have been introduced. The production method will gradually be eliminated. Therefore, improving the independent development capability, adopting the system design and keeping pace with the design of the whole vehicle is the main development direction of the Chinese automotive wiring harness industry.

  At present, some of the more powerful wire harness companies have assembled to the location of the OEMs and quickly maintained the changing requirements of the market. In the United States and Europe, the wiring time of the wire harness factory has been shortened to 90 minutes, which requires the wire harness factory not only to have a rapid technical management system and quality assurance system, but also to have a smooth material supply system and personnel training system. . The pattern of China's car production base has basically been formed. Driven by the automakers, the wire harnesses produced in the Northeast and East China regions have accounted for more than 63% of the national market, and still maintain a strong expansion momentum. Wire harness enterprises are all going to the whole vehicle. The assembly of the factory site has created the conditions for the vehicle manufacturers to design and develop the wiring harness and maintain the synchronization with the vehicle design in order to take advantage of the wire harness professional manufacturers. [2]