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Clip Test Table

Test Table

TSYB - 400D Clip Test Table

Part One -Basic Overview

This equipment is designed for the structure of automotive wiring harness CLIP, using modern computer technology and database technology to adapt to the flexible design of automotive wiring harnesses and specially developed detection equipment (customized to be called KSK function). The results of the detection are stored in the database. Its operability is simple and convenient. Relevant departments can statistically analyze the quality of products, discover product quality problems in a timely manner and make corresponding improvements, to improve the quality of wire harness products.

Part Two - Specification Environment


Part Three - Function Preview

a.KSK function;

b.Automatically learn each clip and define the clip name yourself

c.Combine different clip modules to compose a new test module;

d.Directly log into the test procedure by scanning the QR code of a wire harness;

e.The interface will prompt error information if any errors happen during the detection. The error information will automatically refresh if the modification is correct;

f.Each test result saves into the database;

g.Indicators, which are on the table, indicate the position of plug-ins and the fault points;

h.After passing the test, the entire wire harness will automatically pop up, as well as print the adhesive trademark certificate.

Part Four - Function Features

a.Hardware Setup

b.Hardware Self-inspection

c.Module Editing

d.Block Editing

e.Editing Detection