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Vision Test with Torque Control

Test Table

TSYB-600BNLJ Vision Test with Torque Control

Part One -Basic Overview

TSYB-600BNLJ is combined by TSYB-600B vision test table and TSYB-NLJ.

TSYB -600B is used for detecting fuses and relays, recognizing color/character, displaying the correctness of the fuse chip insertion (i.e. mistaken insertion, multi-insertion and correct insertion). The software is easy to learn and use, and the equipment is indispensable in the control of the wire harness production process. The tool meets the requirements necessary to continuously improve the wire harness product.

It consists of a set of computers (including control card, detection software, display, keyboard, and mouse), a set of detection systems (including a 5-million-pixel camera, an imported lens, and visual light source), gantry, printer, scanner and other auxiliary systems.

TSYB-NLJ is used to adjust the torsion force when installing the fuse compression turn buckle. You can choose the size of the torque and the order of the torque.

Part Two - Specification Environment


Part Three - Function Preview

a.The computer screen displays the entire graphic

b.Detecting the capacity of fuses and relays by color comparison and character comparison

c.Torque control (non-current control) controlled by sensor, high precision, no damage to the fuse

d.Torque can be ordered in the order required by the process and each torque is unique. Sequential (automatic control) tightening bolts of various specifications

e.The capacity of the slab is detected by the character comparison method (this can also be used to regulate the directionality of the rupture of the slab)

f.After the pass, the display prompts and prints the certificate with bar-code

g.The prompt for the error is very intuitive, which is especially helpful for the operator to operate;

h.Can swiftly change fixtures for multi-purpose use.

Part Four - Function Features

Durable Industrial Quality: The test bench is made of high-quality materials, equipped with a professional industrial computer system, excellent workmanship and quality assurance.

Basic Operation Concept:The programmed test bench, the operator only needs to insert the fuse box into the module and enter the test software to detect it.

Variety of Detection Functions: The test station provides a variety of modes for detecting color, characters, presence and absence, and the detection is fully in place.

High-performance Testing Software: The supporting software of the testing station is independently developed by our company. The user-friendly design features are complete, safe and stable, and can be added according to user needs.

Wide range of Fields of use: The test bench is manufactured according to the user's insurance box, which can meet the various needs of different users and has wide applicability.