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Low-voltage Test Table

Test Table

TSYB-400B2 Low-voltage Test Table

Part One - Basic Overview

The TSYB-400B2 test table is an accurate and practical test device for checking the on and off state of a wire harness. It consists of an auxiliary system such as a detector (conductor), a gantry, a conduction module, a printer, and a scanner.

The image interface is intuitive, fast, easy to learn, and easy to use. It can increase the detection content and print format according to user requirements.

The test table is an essential equipment for the control of the wire harness production process. It can greatly improve the standard, quality and performance of the wire harness, and meet the requirements necessary to continuously improve the wire harness product.

Part Two - Specification & Environment


Part Three - Features

ØStable Quality: High quality of raw materials, as well as high degree of automation.

ØEasy to Learn: Anyone with a junior high school or above degree can easily learn and become a master.

ØLow Cost of Use: High quality, long service life and low maintenance cost.

ØFast Detection Speed: The detection software is independently developed by us. We guarantee the detection speed takes no longer than 3 seconds.

ØCustomized Production: Our custom-built test table is based on clients’ wire harness requirements. It can meet various needs of different users, and apply to diverse situations.      

Part Four - Detection Functions

ØCan detect the wiring path, open circuit and short circuit;

ØCan detect whether the diode in the wire harness is forward, reverse and broken-down;

ØCan detect resistance in the harness;

ØCan detect whether the detection terminal is plugged into the bit;

ØCan detect the air tightness of the sheath;

ØCan detect the sheath’s secondary lock in place and status;

ØCan detect the vertical terminal inside the sheath;

ØCan detect whether the airbag sheath is working properly or not.

Part Five - Data Storage

Search and trace database information and historical records in real time.

The system log and database backup mechanisms help to prevent illegal operations and recover data timely.