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Error Proof Assembly Test Table

Test Table

TSYB-400B2F Error Proof Assembly Test Table

Part One -Basic Overview

The operations of the wire harness induction error-proof assembly test station are based on the guidance of the indicator light, which states where to take the material, insert it into which position, and at the same time checks whether the insertion is correct. Insert the correct one to prompt the next operation until the operation is completed.

It consists of an induction detector, a work bench, a material tank, a sensor, an anti-error detection module and other components.

Part Two - Specification Environment


Part Three - Features

ØDurable Industrial Quality: the test bench is made of high-quality materials, equipped with an industrial computer system, sophisticated workmanship, and quality assurance.

ØBasic Operation Concept: when using the programmed test bench, the operator only needs to insert according to the instructions of the indicator light. The module is ready, and no further action is required.

ØHigh-performance Testing Software: The test bench software is independently developed by our factory. The user-friendly design features are complete and safe. At the same time, functions can be added according to user needs.

ØWide range of Fields of use: The test bench is made according to the user's arrangement, so the bench can meet various needs of different users and has wide applicability.    

Part Four - Technical Parameters

ØEdit Functions:

① Can modify sheath induction and insertion functionality;      

② Can modify wire induction and insertion functionality;      

③ Can modify the terminal that induces the insertion of the other end of the wire;

④ Can modify the pullback functionality after inserting the wire;                                       

⑤ Can modify lock detection functionality;

⑥ Can modify error protection functionality.


ØDetection Functions:

① Test indicator light induces insert sheath

② Test indicator light induces insert wire, and test pull back

③ Check the induction indicator light to insert the other end of the wire

④ Push the secondary lock and detect if it is in place;

⑤ Insertion error prohibition functionality

Part Five - Data Storage

Search and trace database information and historical records in real time.

The system log and database backup mechanisms help to prevent illegal operations and recover data timely.