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Car wiring harness basic introduction

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Automotive wires are also called low-voltage wires, which are different from ordinary household wires. Ordinary household wires are copper single-core wires with a certain hardness. The car wires are all copper multi-core soft wires, some soft wires are as thin as hair, and several or even dozens of soft copper wires are wrapped in plastic insulating tubes (polyvinyl chloride), which are soft and not easy to break. Due to the particularity of the automotive industry, the manufacturing process of automotive wiring harnesses is also more special than other common wiring harnesses. The system for manufacturing automotive wiring harnesses is roughly divided into two categories: 1. Classified by European and American countries, including China: The TS16949 system is used to control the manufacturing process. 2. Focus on Japan: Toyota and Honda have their own systems to control the manufacturing process. With the increase of the functions of automobiles, the universal application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical components, more and more wires, the thicker and heavier the wire harness becomes. Therefore, the advanced car has introduced a CAN bus configuration using a multiplex system. Compared with traditional harnesses, multi-channel transmissions greatly reduce the number of wires and connectors, making wiring easier.